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Cookie Policy


This policy provides information regarding the use of cookies and other similar technologies on the website www.chiesi.cz (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"). This notice is provided to the user in compliance with European legislation on the processing of personal data and electronic communications.


The Website is owned by Chiesi CZ s.r.o., with registered offices in Builiding DOCK 02, Smrčkova 2485/4, 180 000, Praha, Czechia (hereinafter referred to as "Chiesi" or "Controller"), which you may want to contact for any information or request regarding the use of cookies and other similar technologies on this Website.


For further information on the processing of personal data, please read the Privacy Notice of the Website.




Cookies are text files stored on your computer or mobile device when you use the Website, enabling a faster and more enjoyable online experience. You can control how websites use cookies by configuring your browser's privacy settings (see your browser's help section to learn more about the control of cookies). For clarity, however, you should know that if you completely disable cookies, the Website may not function properly.


Cookies are downloaded from your Internet browser and stored on your device the first time you visit a website. The next time you visit the same website using the same device, the website will recognize that you have seen the website before and adjust the content considering your previous visits. This way, the website experience can be more faithful to your interests and preferences.


Chiesi also uses other technologies like cookies to share the information we collect when you visit the Website. Please also note that Chiesi may include technologies (including but not limited to web beacons and pixel tags) for advertising purposes or to monitor your interaction with the Website.


Web beacon, pixel tag, and embedded scripts


A web beacon is an electronic graphic image embedded in a website or email to identify cookies when you browse the website or read the email. Pixel tags allow sending readable emails to users and finding out whether they have opened the email.


For example, if you receive an email from Chiesi, the email may contain a login URL that links to our web page. If you click on the link, Chiesi will keep track of your visit to learn about your preferences.


Embedded scripts are programming codes of some web pages that measure how you use them, for example, the links you select. This information is used to improve Chiesi-owned websites and online services, to tailor them to your likely interests, and to conduct market research. Users can disable scripting features, such as JavaScript, within the browser settings (see the help feature of your browser). Please note that if you disable scripting functionality, some Chiesi websites and applications may not function properly.


Proprietary and Third-Party Cookies


Proprietary cookies are those implemented by Chiesi and used to interact with you when you browse the Website.


The Website may also offer content from other websites that integrate their cookies (third-party cookies). Third parties provide these cookies. These providers may set their cookies while you are visiting the Website and receive information about your behavior while navigating the Website. Therefore, you should see the websites of these third parties to learn more about how they use these cookies. Please see the table at the end of this policy for more information about which third-party cookies are used on the Website.




Chiesi provides tools to facilitate the management of proprietary and partner cookies. You can accept or reject cookies through the cookie banner on the first visit and manage them anytime through the Cookie Settings.


If you decline cookies that require your prior consent, Chiesi will not use those cookies. If you decide to revoke your previous consent, Chiesi will no longer use those cookies and delete the relevant proprietary ones. However, please note that if you refuse and cancel functional or performance cookies, you may not be able to use the full functionality of the Website, and Chiesi may no longer understand what you like and dislike about the Website and improve it.


For clarity, be mindful that refusing or withdrawing your consent to targeted advertising cookies does not mean you will receive less promotional advertising. See the next section for more information on profiling cookies.


Browser controls to cancel cookies


You can set your browser through the dedicated options to automatically refuse the installation of cookies or delete all installed cookies from your computer or mobile device.


The procedure differs depending on the browser in use. Keep in mind that disabling and deleting technical cookies could lead to malfunctions in the navigation of the Website.




There are different types of cookies, and each has a specific function that provides you with a better browsing experience in case you are using the same device and browser with which you visited the Website for the first time.


Technical or strictly necessary cookies - default activation


This cookie category is necessary to use the Website and provide essential technical functionality. Using the Website without these cookies would not be possible, and they are generally installed by default. If you reject them, you might not be able to access the site.


Performance cookies - optional activation


Chiesi uses performance cookies to understand user behavior to improve the performance of the Website and to provide a personalized experience. This type of cookie collects information about how you interact with the Website, allowing, for example, Chiesi to have an overview of the pages you visit and the time you spend on them. Please note that this information is collected in a fully aggregated manner and cannot be directly linked to you.


You may choose to disable/enable performance cookies through the Cookie Settings.


Profiling cookies (for targeted advertising) - optional activation


This cookie category delivers advertising and marketing communications in line with your interests. Profiling cookies track your visits to different websites and share your interests with third parties, such as advertisers or media companies. These operators may also create dedicated profiles to show relevant ads on other websites.


You may choose to disable/enable profiling cookies through the Cookie Settings.




The following is a list of the cookies used by this Website with a description of their specific functioning:






Session End

Sets a unique ID for the session. This allows the website to obtain data about visitor behavior for statistical purposes


1 year

Cookie to remember the user consents regarding cookies


End session

Session cookie used to maintain an anonymous browsing session


2 years

Google Analytics cookie used to count the number of visits


End session

Google Analytics cookie that indicates a new browsing session, is updated with each connection to the service


End session

Google Analytics cookie that identifies the source of the connection


End session

Google Analytics cookie that identifies the source of the connection


1 year

Onetrust cookies for the acceptance of privacy cookies


1 year

Onetrust cookies for the acceptance of privacy cookies


For more information about Cookies used on the Website and how to block or restrict them, please visit www.aboutcookies.org.